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What is UET and how does it related to Conversion Tracking and Remarketing features?

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Universal Event Tracking (UET) is a mechanism for advertisers to report user activity on their websites to Microsoft Advertising by installing one site-wide tag. UET is a prerequisite for advertisers to track conversions and/or do remarketing.


Once the UET tag is installed by the advertiser across their website, the tag reports user activity on the advertiser website to Microsoft Advertising. Advertisers can then create conversion goals to specify which subset of user actions on the website qualify to be counted as conversions.


If Microsoft Advertising finds a match between a conversion goal and the user activity logged by the UET tag installed on their website, it counts a conversion. Similarly, advertisers can create remarketing lists based on user activity on website and Microsoft Advertising matches the list definitions with UET logged user activity to put users into those lists.

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