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How to Create a Push Endpoint (XML feed)

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Ads API Request URL Example:

US Data Center{publisher-id}&feedid={feed-id}&ip={ip}&lang={language}&useragent={useragent}&user_id={userid}&iab_category={iab_category}&domain={domain}&subscription_timestamp={subscription_timestamp}

Europe Data Center{publisher-id}&feedid={feed-id}&ip={ip}&lang={language}&useragent={useragent}&user_id={userid}&iab_category={iab_category}&domain={domain}&subscription_timestamp={subscription_timestamp}

Ads API Request URL Example (with substituted macros):;%20Win64;%20x64)%20AppleWebKit/537.36%20(KHTML,%20like%20Gecko)%20Chrome/67.0.3396.99%20Safari/537.36&user_id=123456789&iab_category=IAB3-1&

ParameterRequired/ OptionalDescription
sspnameRequiredIssued by DSP
pubidRequiredInteger value representing publisher id number (substituted from the publisher’s side)
feedidOptionalInteger value representing site id number (substituted from the publisher’s side)
ipRequiredActual IP address of the USER. NOTE: This is not the IP address of the server making the request. Format: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
Obtain from REMOTE_ADDR
langOptionalUser language in alpha-2
useragentRequiredUserAgent from HTTP header of the USER. Obtain from USER-AGENT
user_idOptionalUser ID (ID of a subscriber) in string format
iab_categoryOptionalInteger value representing IAB category of your traffic if applicable
domainRequiredA website where the subscribers’ base was collected from
subscription_timestampRequiredUnix timestamp (seconds since Jan 01 1970. (UTC))
formatOptional, TechnicalIf you need need to CHANGE the default response from JSON to XML you should add the parameter &format={xml}
max-bannersOptional, TechnicalIf you are able to accept multi responses to 1 request you should add the parameter &max-banners to indicate the number of ads you want to get. For example, max-banners={5} means we will send 5 responses to 1 your request.

We can send a bid response in default or non-default format:

Default bid response (XML):
    "description": "Offer description",
    "title": "Offer title",
    "cpc": 0.03,
    "link": "<a href="
ParameterRequired/ OptionalDescription
descriptionRequiredDescription of the promoted offer
titleRequiredTitle of the promoted offer
cpcRequiredCost per click in $
linkRequiredURL that is called to notify about a click
imageRequiredMain image of the promoted offer
iconRequiredLogo image of the promoted offer
idRequiredID of the creative (promoted offer)

Multi Bid response (XML):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <click><![CDATA[<a href="">

Multi Bid response (JSON):
   "id": "32390_1211",
    "title": "Title",
    "description": "Message",
    "icon": "<a href="">

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