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What macros can I use?

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Allowed macros:

[CLICK_ID] - returns a unique click ID
[MACMD5] - returns Mac MD5 hash
[IFA] - returns a device IFA
[HTTP_REFERER] - returns HTTP referrer of the visitor
[DOMAIN] - returns the domain name
[IMPRESSION_ID] - returns a unique impression ID
[USER_ID] - returns a unique ID of the visitor
[BID_PRICE] - returns winning price of the impression
[CAMPAIGN_ID] - returns a unique campaign ID in our system
[CREATIVE_ID] - returns a unique creative ID in our system
[SSP_ID] - returns a unique SSP ID
[PUBLISHER_ID] - returns a unique ID of the publisher that can contain several websites
[SITE_ID] - returns a unique website ID
[PLACEMENT_ID] - returns a unique ad placement ID
[COUNTRY] - returns a country name
[SOURCE_ID] - returns a unique ID of the traffic source consisting of publisher ID + ":" + site ID + ":" + placement ID
[KEYWORD] - returns a keyword (if any)

[UNENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT] - Returns unencoded click redirect
[ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT] - Returns encoded click redirect
[DBL-ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT] - Returns double encoded click redirect
[RANDOM_NUMBER] - Returns a random number
[BID_ID] - Returns unique bid ID

Please pass click ID - [CLICK_ID] - in one of the available UTM parameters to avoid clicks discrepancy.


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