Understanding Micro Bidding: A Simple Guide

Micro bidding is a pro feature for those who want to optimize their campaigns for maximum performance and accuracy. It allows us to make a custom bid for a parameter and treat it differently within a campaign.

Operations with a bid:

  • --- add to a bid
  • - --- deduct from a bid
  • * --- multiply a bid
  • / --- divide a bid

Our micro bidding supports the CPC payment model only. If you use this feature in the Pops campaign you should divide the micro bid value by 1000 to get CPC from CPM. Or just use the operations of multiplication and division with your original bid. It's a lot easier.

Micro conversion bidding saves you money and time because you don’t need to create multiple split campaigns, blacklists, or whitelists anymore.

Let’s look at some examples to see micro bidding in action:

Example 1
Let’s say your target CPA is $2.5. Android 8 is the most converting OS, but the overall CPA is $2.9. Typically people think about blacklisting, but blacklisting Android 8 will cut 78% of traffic. Reducing CPC just for Android 8 i.e. by 20% would be a much better solution.

Example 2
Two of the most converting publisher are way below the target CPA. Win Rate is a measure that shows how much traffic you buy from the parameter. In this case 62.5 and 43.8 respectively. By raising CPC for them we can buy the rest of the most relevant traffic left.

Example 3

Your original bid on the Pops campaign is 2 CPM. To make the bid for publisher ID 77889 equal to 2.5, you may use one of two operations.

  1. publisher_id:77889 :+0.0005
  2. publisher_id:77889 :*1.25

We recommend using the second way.

Note: If you use more than one rule, e.g. country: usa:+0.2 and device:mobile:+0.3 in case, when both rules are followed 0.5 (0.2+0.3) will be added to the bid.

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