What is PPCmate?

PPCmate is a self-serve advertising platform (DSP).

  • How PPCmate Works
    PPCmate serves as a dynamic marketplace, uniting advertisers with traffic streams from multiple advertising networks within a singular advertising platform (DSP). Our 100% self-serve platform presents an array of advertising formats, encompassing native, display (banners), push notification, pop-under, and interstitial options. Built on programmatic technology, PPCmate seamlessly caters to your preferences, be it local or global reach, mobile or desktop. We provide the ideal traffic solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Why PPCmate Works
    PPCmate guarantees a secure and brand-safe advertising space, ensured by the anti-fraud screening tools of MaxMind and AdScore. Our advertising platform offers cutting-edge targeting mechanisms, ensuring genuine audiences and tangible outcomes. We leverage our expansive network to provide advertising services at the most competitive global market bid rates.

Dec 25, 2023

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