VIP Program

  • How can I connect with you on Skype?

    Simply provide us with your Skype username, and we'll extend an invitation for you to join an insightful group chat with our experts.
  • How can I reach your VIP priority support?

    For expedited assistance, open a priority ticket by emailing us at Our VIP support team will promptly address your inquiry with the highest priority and dedication.
  • How to monitor the monthly ad spend on PPCmate DSP

    Tracking your monthly ad spend is crucial for optimizing your advertising budget and assessing the performance of your campaigns. Follow these steps to check your ad spend within your PPCmate DSP account: Login to Your PPCmate DSP Account: Access your PPCmate DSP account by entering your credent...
  • PPCmate VIP Status Expiry Policy

    Your PPCmate VIP status is subject to a specific activity requirement to maintain its active status. If there is no activity detected in your account for the next three months, your VIP status will be temporarily suspended. This policy is in place to ensure that the VIP status is reserved for act...
  • What is the mechanism behind the bonus system?

    Each new month brings the reward of free advertising credits based on your advertising spend from the previous month. This straightforward process ensures that you receive a bonus reflective of your commitment and investment in PPCmate services at the onset of each month.
  • What is the potential bonus under the VIP status?

    With your VIP status, you have the opportunity to earn a bonus ranging from 10% to 30% in advertising credits. This tiered bonus structure provides a rewarding incentive for your continued engagement and investment in PPCmate services.
  • What's the process to enroll in the PPCmate VIP program?

    The PPCmate VIP program is seamlessly automated. At the end of each month, your ad spend is calculated, determining your eligibility for VIP status and the associated bonus for the following month. Enjoy the benefits of VIP privileges effortlessly as your account is automatically considered base...
  • When can I expect to receive my bonus?

    Your bonus will be credited at the beginning of the subsequent month, ensuring a timely and consistent reward process.
  • Where can I find PPCmate Analytics?

    For detailed insights and analytics, please visit the dedicated PPCmate Analytics page. Explore comprehensive data and performance metrics to enhance your understanding of campaign effectiveness and make informed decisions.