Reporting XML API

Simple Publisher Reporting XML API has been designed to provide the publishers with requests (searches), clicks, invalid clicks, and revenue data for the desired period of time.

Request URL:[from_date]&to=[to_date]&segment=[segment]&output=xml&api_key=[api_key]
Request parameters: The XML Request should contain the parameters listed below:

Parameter Type Description
from* Date Report start date. If not provided returns the report for the current server date. Example: &from=2020-04-02
to* Date Report end date. Example: &to=2020-04-08
segment* String Allowed values: hour dayplacement (corresponds to subid)
siteid (corresponds to feedid)
id:placement** (allows to collect stats from sub IDs mapped to a separate feed ID)
Example: &segment=hour
output* string xml or json
api_key string Your API key
Jan 11, 2024

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