PPCmate VIP Status Expiry Policy

Your PPCmate VIP status is subject to a specific activity requirement to maintain its active status. If there is no activity detected in your account for the next three months, your VIP status will be temporarily suspended. This policy is in place to ensure that the VIP status is reserved for active and engaged users.

Key Information:

  1. Activity Definition: Activity is defined as any significant interaction or engagement within your PPCmate account. This may include creating new campaigns, adjusting existing settings, reviewing reports, or any other actions that demonstrate active involvement in utilizing PPCmate services.
  2. Three-Month Evaluation Period: The evaluation period spans three consecutive months. If no substantial account activity is detected during this time, the system will automatically initiate the temporary suspension of your VIP status.
  3. Temporary Suspension: In the event of temporary suspension, you will lose the privileges associated with the VIP status. This could include exclusive features, priority support, or other benefits tied to the VIP tier.
  4. Restoration upon Activity Resumption: Should you resume activity within your account, your VIP status will be reinstated, and you will regain access to all associated privileges. The system will recognize renewed engagement and promptly restore your VIP standing.


  1. Regularly Engage with Your Account: To avoid the temporary suspension of your VIP status, make it a practice to regularly engage with your PPCmate account. This includes actively managing campaigns, exploring new features, and staying informed about updates.
  2. Set Reminders for Account Check-Ins: Consider setting reminders to check in on your account, especially if you anticipate periods of lower activity. This proactive approach ensures that you maintain your VIP status without interruption.

By staying informed about the activity requirements and taking proactive measures, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of PPCmate's VIP status seamlessly.

Dec 17, 2023

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